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Treating Red Bumps On Skin

In order to treat red bumps on skin you need to first identify what is causing the red bumps in the first place. There are many ailments that can cause bumps to form under your skin and finding out what it is can prove to be very difficult. It is always recommended that you see a doctor or dermatologist to determine what is causing the red bumps on skin.

Some bumps on your skin may be just fine when left alone and others may need treatment. If you have red itchy bumps an anti itch cream is almost always recommended. Iif you have already identified what your skin issue is, then here are some of the treatments to the most common conditions that cause red bumps on skin:

  • Cherry Angioma– In most cases cherry angiomas do not require any treatment. However, in the event that they are appealing or if they are subject to bleeding they can be removed with a laser or electrocautery.
  • Dermatofibromas– Dermatofibromas does not require any treatments because it is not harmful. if you do want to remove the bumps though then they can be removed surgically or frozen with liquid nitrogen and then flattened.
  • Treating Red Bumps On Skin

    Red bumps on someones skin

    Epidermoid Cysts– In order to treat a cyst you need to remove the sac of the cysts. This means that simply squeezing the pus out of a cyst will not make it go away. A doctor can usually remove the sac with a minor incision. They may also prescribe medication to treat the cysts.

  • Folliculitis– Folliculitis can be tricky to treat properly because it depends on the cause. Topical or oral antibiotics can help treat folliculitis but to be sure that red bumps on skin don’t appear again you will need to avoid shaving in the affected area. You will also need to minimize clothes friction and keep the affected area clean.
  • Keratosis Pilaris– The condition may appear for years but it will generally clear up on its own before the age of 30. The only reason to treat Keratosis Pilaris is for cosmetic reasons. The best way to help speed up the process is to take long warm baths to open the pores and to moisturize multiple times a day.

Keep in mind that for most issues that involve red bumps on skin there is no need to treat them. Red bumps will commonly go away on their own after a while. The reason is that our bodies are very good as keeping us healthy and fighting off infections. If you have red itchy bumps it is recommended that you use an anti-itch cream such as hydrocortisone cream and try not to scratch them.