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Tiny Red Dots On Skin

If you have noticed some tiny red dots on skin there is usually no need to worry. Having small red dots on your skins is probably the most common type of skin problem. Virtually every type of skin ailment has these as a symptom so sometimes it can be hard to pinpoint what is causing them. Even though they are often associated with skin ailments, tiny red dots are almost always 100% safe. There is a small chance that they could be associated with a more dangerous skin disease such as skin cancer or leukemia.

What makes tiny red dots on your skin appear is usually when something happens to the blood vessels under your skin. When these blood vessels become damaged they make red spots underneath your skin.

Some causes of these tiny red dots on skin are:

  • Cherry Angioma– A cherry angioma is a benign, non-cancerous, skin growth that consists of a clump of blood vessels. They are fairly common and should not cause you any concern. Cherry angiomas can vary in size from as small as a pinhead to about ¼ inch in diameter. They are bright cherry red in color and can either be smooth or raised from your skin. They usually do not need to be treated.
  • Tiny Red Dots On Skin

    Red dots on skin of someones arm

    Overworking Your Body – If you overwork your body from something such as exercise then you may notice small red dots on skin. This is because blood vessels get damaged from strenuous activities and collect beneath your skin. It is not uncommon to have several tiny red dots on skin after a gym work out or after playing sports.

  • Atopic Dermatitis– Atopic dermatitis is basically a skin disorder that causes your skin to have hypersensitive reactions similar to allergies. What causes it to flare up varies greatly from person to person. It can cause red spots on your skin or even cause your skin to swell up. It is usually itchy and commonly breaks out in your joints such as your knees and elbows.
  • Age– As people age past their 30’s they may notice small red dots on their skin. There is only speculation about what causes them but they are 100% harmless. Some scientist think that it’s stress and others think that the body just has problems aging. Either way they both agree that the older you get the more common it is to have red spots appear on your skin from aging.

If you have tiny red dots on skin and they are itchy then an easy cure is some hydrocortisone cream. It is a basic anti-itch cream that can help clear up red itchy bumps or other problems. Keep in mind that small red bumps are very very common and can be harmless but that they can also be the symptoms of a dangerous skins problem or disease. It is always best to consult with a doctor to determine if you the tiny red dots on your skins are harmful or not.